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Langley Dedicates New Accessible Walkway in Whale Bell Park

It dramatically improves access to view the migrating gray whales

The Langley Arts Fund and the City of Langley dedicated a new, accessible walkway in Whale Bell Park on Thursday, March 17, 2022. Part of a plan which included the installation of Hope: The Wishing Whale, this level, wheelchair-friendly walkway allows people with limited mobility to easily view the gray whales in Saratoga Passage.

The gathering also honored Peter Morton, a former Langley City Council Member who recently retired from the Langley Arts Fund team. “While we were installing Hope it became clear that the waterfront was not accessible for some members of our community,” said Frank Rose, the chair of the Arts Fund. “I’m very proud of what the whole team did to make this project happen. Peter was an integral part of our effort and we will miss him.”

The Langley Arts Fund secured a grant from the Washington State Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, which paid for the engineering and construction of the walkway. The Arts Fund also had the support of architect Ross Chapin and Country Roads LLC founder Clayton Reaves who oversaw the installation.

“The mission of the Langley Arts Fund is to identify projects, artists, partnerships and funding to nurture and support our community’s creative endeavors,” said Diane Divelbess, the vice-chair of the Arts Fund. “This can only be successful when everyone can access the experiences that make Langley uniquLangley, our Village by the Sea, is recognized as a Great American Art Town. Its generous spirit attracts and inspires artists, residents and visitors alike. In 2020 the Langley Arts Fund placed the bronze sculpture Hope: The Wishing Whale in Whale Bell Park, the first phase of the Arts Fund’s effort to connect the Langley downtown core to the waterfront for people of all abilities.

The Arts Fund has also installed other permanent and temporary sculptures in Langley, and just embarked on the process of wrapping telecom boxes throughout the city. To support these efforts, the Arts Fund recently launched the Big-Arted Bunch, a group of people who donate monthly so it can continue to beautify Langley. Please consider signing up at


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